In this course, you will learn how to create beautiful, seamless ribbons of color that blend effortlessly into the hair. Ribbon Balayage is perfect for those seeking those pops of color, while still keeping them blended!


As a colorist specializing in brunette lived in color, I've created this course to help you in achieving the perfect ribbons. In this course, I'm sharing the techniques and tips I've used to create dimension pops that are still blended on your brunette manes.

With the Ribbon Balayage course, you'll receive in-depth guidance on how to those beautiful pops of color.

Looking to ribbons that are blended yet still pop on your brunette manes?

The Ribbon Balayage Course is the answer.


I recently attended MOB where I learned only 1% of our industry continues their education! This absolutely blew my mind. On the left is a picture of my work from 2021, the right 2023. Same client, same stylist just a different skill set thanks to continued education!

You will learn:

In this online course, you'll receive in-depth guidance on the placement and color formulas to achieve the perfect ribbon balayage. You will learn the techniques I use to add keep dimension and add those ribbons that are still blended maintaining the "lived-in" look your clients will love!

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